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Oct 29, 2018

these were the words of my x-lover towards me.

we can't date, you don't have a yoga body.

starting to come into his spiritual practice, I knew that this had nothing to do with me. Yet I can hear those words in my head playing over and over, what was spirit trying to tell me?  

hiding in my own self-sabotaging body image thoughts, I was frazzled by his words. Yet I can see this obese being coming out of him.

I knew right there this remark had nothing to do with me, just like all  other imprints, this was just another one and I had control if I wanted to make it mine or not. I choose not too..

I chose to continue beating myself up with my own thoughts, I didnt need to have another to excelerate  my suffering I was doing a great job on my own...

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