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Jan 4, 2019

Ruth Johnson is a leading international witch, healer, mystic entrepreneur coach, and magickal intuitive who works in both the light and the shadows - an EDGEWALKER who walks between the worlds and leads visionary women through an AWAKENING of their inherent rites and magick at a PHENOMENAL PACE in order to catapult them safely and lovingly into their potential, pleasure and abundant nature. And, of course into their HEART! She does this through a unique fusion of magick, spiritual strategy tools, healing and guidance on how to step into their true potential.

Through her work as a mystic entrepreneur coach, witch, intuitive and healer Ruth has taught hundreds of women to shift out of fear, struggle and stagnancy teaching them to weave their creations and desires into existence with ease, confidence and deep trust using powerful marketing strategies and alchemical processes. Her mission is to lead you into awakening the dormant magick within you of self-love and divine connection to your heart, your truth and to your sovereign power.

Through her intensive studies of crystals, vibrational healing, ritual, channeling and her natural psychic ability plus her 25 + years working for top tier sales and marketing corporates Ruth discovered a way in which to bring all of her experiences and superstar skills into one sacred vortex. She delved deeply into channeling her own healing modality of superfast, potent and magickal healing to drive women into the frequency of love and heart and now shares her work with mystics, witches and visionaries alike.

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