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Dec 10, 2020

These 6min all of humanity should hear and listen to attentively.

In this podcast, we are giving what either, you want to take or continue to pay for the life you're living.

There is no mistakes in life, there is no writing off 2020 its all planned.

There is a reason why this is happening to humanity, it's a matter for humanity to see past their own shadow and lies to see the truth that is playing out before them.

Man is powerful, yet man sits on their shadow of fear allowing for others to be the conductors of their life and falling to the feet of the perpetrator.

There is no secrets to life.
Man hath his own secret, yet man sits in his own fears giving away his energy to a powerless force of dark light. 

Are you ready to change the tone of your symphony or change your choir or you going to allow it to continue taking you down a path that is undesirable to your soul. 

You have a choice, no one else can play in your symphony if you don't allow them too.

This podcast is brought to you by essential oil blends, blends that transcend your spirit and dissolve your ego back into the soil.

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