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Dec 8, 2020

In this podcast we speak about BOUNDARIES.

Are you tired of people pleasing, allowing vampires to suck life out of you?

Are you tired of being the "YES" woman, and trying to make sure everyone around you is taken care of, meanwhile you want to crawl back into bed exhausted from allowing others to determine how your day goes and where your energy flows. 

Are you tired of being tired?

I teach you a technique that was taught to me by my big brother Jesus, it took me years to perfect boundaries.

2020 was the year I got serious of who I allow into my life and who I am taking out of my life permanently, at this point, its time to put YOURSELF FIRST.

Putting yourself first may feel foreign to you, just like anything it becomes easier when you practice your boundaries and allow your inner lioness to roar fearlessly, confidently and empowered.

Its time to get you off the pastures and get you in your truth, boundaries are one of the secret ingredients to your success. 

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