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Apr 5, 2021

In this podcast we speak about "Cutting the Cord".

What does that even mean?
How do you cut the cord?
How do you detach, let go?

The 2 words, Let Go, drives me crazy.
What are you letting go of?
How do you get to the seed of Letting Go?

Let us know, if Letting Go makes sense to you?

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Apr 5, 2021

In this episode we speak about a word that was tossed around in 20/20 and it got me reflecting on my life.

The word we will be speaking about is "oppression".

I discuss how the word shrinks our spirit and elevates our ego to more suffering. 

I speak about how we allow others to oppress us into a version of who they...

Apr 5, 2021

In this episode we speak about self-worth.

How do you see yourself?
How do you allow others to communicate and treat you?

Your worth is important to creating a magnetic force of achieving your manifestation and creating a life that you desire. 

 When you see how worthy you are of love, money, relationship, you start to...

Apr 5, 2021

In todays episode of 21 days to Un&ucking Your Mind, we speak about self-doubt.

Self doubt holds you back from really allowing yourself to grow, evolve and become who you want to become in this present moment away from the past journey you have been through. 

Listen to the episode to learn how to overcome self-doubt...

Mar 22, 2021

In this podcast, we get into the feelings of your new narrative.

Shift the mindset, identify the feeling, recognize the path and step further into your higher consciousness.

This step is the most crucial one to unfuck your mind.

The greatest untold secret is the feeling of all things, as man allows himself to numbness...