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Welcome to Unfuck Your Mind, I'm your host Zak Lioutas.

This podcast is about healing the ego and awakening your spirit.

You'll hear stories of peoples struggle to what they have done to becoming visionaries of a collection consciousness that is assisting humanity to join this incredible movement.

The podcasts are real raw conversations about life, and what people do in order to handle adversity and continue to thrive at a higher vibration.

It's not how many times you fall, its how fast you jump up and get at it again with a different mindset.

Come join me on the other side and see how simple techniques can change your life.




Zak, is a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Healer. 

Through meditations and universal wisdom, Zak is connected to many channels that makes what she does look simple.

She has come along way by learning who she was in a past life and what her purpose is here on earth, laughing at the titles the universe has given her.

Zak embraces her gifts with gratitude and enjoys sharing wisdom with those that are ready to learn in unique and fun ways, allowing you to be confident in who you want to mould yourself to become.

Together as a conscious collective, we look forward to connecting with you to create change within humanity and their riches.

in harmony