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Feb 13, 2019

Vanessa Petronelli is an international spiritual teacher and speaker for global leaders and influencers who are here to elevate the consciousness of humanity and the planet. 

An entrepreneur and business owner for two decades, Vanessa has helped transform and inspire thousands of lives around the world from the inside out, powerfully helping each person to become more impeccably aligned to themselves, their missions and leadership. 

Through her quantum coaching method, trance-channeling events, retreat experiences, keynote speaking, workshops and online group programs, Vanessa provides grounded, strategic results-based transformations for her clients and students—all through learning to embody and lead from their soul and higher consciousness.

Vanessa is originally from Toronto, Canada and now resides with her husband and rescue dog Leo, in San Diego, California where she enjoys the sun, sand and surf of SoCal life.

Social Handles
Instagram: @vanessapetronelli
Facebook: @vpetronelli