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Oct 18, 2018

Part #2 of releasing the boxed titles.

After listening to part #1 and not wanting to put it out into the human world, I was guided to do a part #2 to express further into what I was speaking about.

This one has a long segment when it comes to "MOM" always sacrificing everything to make everyone else happy while she puts herself second.. STOP THIS DISEASE, you are damaging others including yourself, most of the time this is done out of guilt of some sort..

after 6yrs of doing this work as a career and assisting people through the depths of their sorrow to their true authentic self, being free of constraints magickal things appear..

👸🏼👸🏼Rise into your Potent Sovereign self Queen Momma’s.

⚫️🔴If you want a better life for yourself, KEEP READING, you are here for a reason, and its beyond your momma title.🔴⚫️

✋️Staying confused and in distress with life struggles is a mindset and you are falling victim to this epidemic.. it’s time you grab your crown and blast off into your Queendom like an astronaut flies off into space.

🙅🏼You are not meant to live like this, this isn’t the life you imagined and it isn’t the life you should choose to stay in, because of what others may think or say about you. That has nothing to do with you.. what you need to deal with is you, your life and how you want it to look for you, starting NOW, TODAY. You’ve already sacrificed enough already to make others happy its time to become fierce and free darling and start making you happy..

🙅🏼Your commitment to feeding your emotions that aren’t serving you buckle loads of GOLD glitter isn’t a representation of who you truly are. I know this first hand.  I’ve worked with many women that were alive without living. Its time for you to start living. Let go of the shame, guilt, anger and resentment Queen Momma.

🗡🗡You weren't created to come to this earth constrained, restricted, disconnected, silenced, confused and unhappy. As you observe others living the life you imagine, you continue to hide behind the vail of your truth.

💃You're meant to be free, joyful, extravagant and majestic. 

🙏🏼😇Declare your decision and start living your life unapologetically, while releasing the burdens of yesterday. 

👩🏼‍🎤It's about rising to the pinnacle of YOUR mountain, standing with your arms out, screaming at the top of your lungs, I AM FREE. 

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Much love and healing to you

zak <3