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Oct 17, 2018

Time to dissect your box with titles in it, change your perception and start to rise into something more empowering to your soul.

In this episode, I speak and channel about how you block yourself from holding onto titles, from manager to server, mom, healer, pain, suffering and depression, the list can go on.

My passion for what I do comes out in so many ways... 

So I listened to this audio and don't now why I was saying "mom" like I was. So I decided to create a part 2 to this because once I pushed stop and went for a drive I received a lot more wisdom regarding this podcast, that I want to share...



It's time to ring the bell and rise into your Powerful Queen to shine your light💫🔱💫, become expansive and unstoppable by stepping into the Queen. Your outcome to small actionable steps will bring you great hope, clarity, confidence and empowerment to keep yourself open in receiving your infinite universal abundance.❤️😇🙏🏼

Are you with me? 
Are you receiving full body shivers in creating this change? 
Do you feel this deep in your core?
Are you feed up enough to want to start instantly? 

⭕️If you're tired of feeling exhausted with the life you been living, I promise there's a more uplifting tomorrow. 

❌Have no guilt, release the struggle, shame and embarrassment. 

🆘It's time to ascend to a different dimension that allows you to become a magnet to all that you wish. 

Join the webinar and Learn the 3 Sacred Keys to RELEASE OLD TRAUMA & BLOCKS, co-here to your AUTHENTIC SELF discovering your INFINITE ABUNDANCE & becoming a MANIFESTING QUEEN 👸🏼

with love

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