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Jul 1, 2019

Chris is the creator and alchemist of Harmonic Elixirs.

Since his late teens, Chris has had a keen interest in all things spiritual and has spent much time with various Masters during his years in India.

A gifted intuitive reader, remedial massage therapist and soul-centred musician (experiencing energetic frequencies as music) Chris as a deep passion for sharing his multi-faceted gifts to facilitate shifts in peoples lives.

He has been working with sound and frequency healing modalities for 15 years, including using essential oils for the past 10 years. He does powerful healing sessions using vibrational alignment technique, a process he personally developed, which brings healing energy to the entire field, including the cells of the body, restoring people to a new level of ease & joy.

He enjoys the devotional practice of Vedic chanting.

You may connect with Christopher on his socials below.



I have had the pleasure of having a session with Christopher and I must say his healing was so awakening and clearing. I was able to feel the energy just melt off me as we amalgamated our energies together for a more activating healing for both of us.
Spirit works wonders through Christopher and I'm so happy I got to receive his magickal healing.

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